Law and the Senses

Non Liquet announces a new series of papers on law and the senses, aiming to critically reflect on how law deals with senses, how lawsenses, how law makes sense.  This involves thinking, discussing and questioning about the sound of law, the tactile encounter with its forms, its bitter/sweet taste, its pungent smell, its perspectival gaze.

The series will encompass five issues dedicated to each sense: taste, smell, hearing, touch and vision.

We invite texts with a trans-disciplinary approach, from legal, geographical, sociological, psychological, philosophical, artistic and other areas.

The deadline for submitting papers the first issue on “Law and Taste” is the 1st of February 2013, for publication expected by the end of March. If interested in applying for this issue, please email an abstract by the 1st of January.


We are also accepting abstracts and papers to cover the issues on Law and Smell, Hearing, Touch, and Vision.