Law and the Senses Series – Taste

Law and the Senses_Taste

Non Liquet is pleased to publish the first issue on ‘Taste’ from the online Law and the Senses series.

This first issue of the Law and the Senses series deals with the sense of taste. Although perhaps non self-evident, there is a tight kinship between law and taste, primarily for the fact of sharing the same core mechanism: judgement. To taste is always to embark into a discriminating judgement over what is good and what is not. Likewise,  law’s relentless juridification of the world, i.e. the reduction of the world into legal categories, could be understood as a digestive process according to which law ingests its ‘outside’ (that is, what law presupposes as its outside) by tasting it, and emitting moral judgements accordingly.

This issue addresses taste as a tool whereby pushing law beyond the narrow confines into which it often perceives itself. Through the three contributions by Merima Bruncevic & Philip Linné, Andrea Brighenti and Nicola Masciandaro, we are offered as many compelling attempts to rethink our relation to objects and space, to reformulate the question of judgement as tentative, processual and contextual tasting, and to open up law from inside, disclosing the geo-philosophical fact of its openness to justice in the here and now.


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