Law and the Senses Series – Touch


Non Liquet is delighted to publish the third issue on ‘Touch’ from the online Law and the Senses Series.

Following Taste and Smell, this issues explores the sense of touch in relation to the law and normativity. Described by Aristotle as the most vital and intelligent of senses, touch contains both the physical and metaphysical in its ability to express the determination of being. To manifest itself, touch relies on a precise and active bodily/physical involvement that other senses do not require: to touch is already to be active and to activate. This fundamental ontology makes touch the most essential of all senses.

Touch is deeply immersed in the here and now without being subject to spatio-temporal limitations. It refuses all representations, for its being can only exist within itself. However, Law’s temporality and representativeness are constantly open to negotiation and reinterpretation, thus making it reliant on a widely shared sense of collectiveness. With compelling contributions by Naomi Segal, Jan Hogan, Moritz Von Stetten and Michelle LeBaron, this issue attempts to look at this discrepancy and reconsiders the relation between the tactful intrusiveness of the law and the untactful movement of touch.

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